Jane Grafton, Corporate-based Mindfulness Coach and Facilitator.

I am British, based in Warwickshire, UK and offer coaching in mindfulness as it relates to happiness, relationships, decision making and life directions.  Much of my work has been with Potential Project, www.potentialproject.com   a global Corporate-based Mindfulness Training company as a senior trainer in Singapore since 2011. 

My first experience of mindfulness was in 1992 as part of an MBA program.  Since then I have been increasingly drawn to practicing and studying mindfulness with a particular interest in how it brings clarity, calm and a deeper connection and enjoyment of life. Part of my own journey included three and a half years learning from and working with a Benedictine monk in a monastery in London and running a Meditation Centre at Georgetown University in Washington DC.   In addition to being a Potential Project senior trainer, I'm also a Trainer with a London based company Mindfulness at Work  www.mindfulnessatwork.com  and spent several years training with the former American Institute MMFT (Mindfulness-Based Mind Fitness Training for the Military and Emergency Services).

Earlier career endeavours included:  Serving as a uniformed British Army Officer 1979-1994 in a variety of postings such as Assessment & Selection of Officers for the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and Staff & Protocol Officer in Berlin.  Whilst serving, for reasons best known to the military, I was given an MBE and in 1994 I retired on voluntary redundancy.  That was followed by an enjoyable 6 years as a Registrar with The John Lewis Partnership in UK 1994-2000.   In 2000 I moved to Singapore initially as a Corporate Training with The British Council Singapore and later as a freelance consultant exploring meditation, mindfulness and the workplace.  

Academic background includes an MBA, MEd in Adult Learning, a Certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University, USA, Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation,  Certificate in Neuroleadership, Licensed HeartMath biofeedback Coach & Trainer, and a Certified Neurofeedback Trainer.  In Singapore I coordinated the Mindfulness Professionals Network Singapore at Singapore Management University, did a generous amount of comedy theatre, Iyenga yoga and laughter yoga.  Also facilitating the wonderful Singapore Eckhart Tolle Silent Meditation Group (established 2002).  Now in UK I'm gradually looking to see where this knowledge and experience can best support individuals and organisations and welcome opportunities to explore collaborative initiatives. 

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